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December 2015
Webinar: “AMH: Established and potential indications in IVF and PCOS”
Professor Richard Anderson, Elsie Inglis Professor of Clinical Reproductive Science, Head of Section, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Edinburgh focuses on AMH and its relevance to PCOS.
The webinar will take place on Thursday, December 3rd 2015, 4:00 pm CET / 3:00 pm GMT. After Dec 3rd, you will be able to view the webinar on demand.

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June 2015, Paris
EuromedLab Workshop: “AMH – an important reproductive hormone: clinics and perspectives.”

Dr. Christian Gnoth Director Gynaecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine, green-ivf
At the EuroMedLab, held in Paris in June 2015, Beckman Coulter conducted an AMH educational workshop which can now be seen on-demand.

The webinar focuses on:

  • AMH and fertility diagnostics
  • AFC size and AMH production
  • AMH and menopause
  • Improved and consistent results with automated AMH testing

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Different Posters on AMH:

Access AMH Immunoassay: Performance of a new highly sensitive automated assay.
L. Nicouleau, G. Demirdjian, C. Lejeune, S. Bord, D. Rivière, P. Denizot and P-Y. Marquet
EuroMedLab, Paris, France, July 21-25th, 2015
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Measurement of Anti Müllerian Hormone by a new automated chemilumnescent immunoassay.
Baraldi E., Roli, L., De Santis, MC., La Marca A., Trenti T.
EuroMedLab, Paris, France, July 21-25th, 2015
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A prospective multisite evaluation of the intramenstrual cycle variability of Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) using an automated AMH immunoassay.
Sanghyuk S. Shin, Kristin L. Jones, Dawn R. Holmes, Larry G. Martin, Kerry L. Rossow, Thong Her, Janna S. Chamberlin, Kim M. Doeden, Lori R. Lofaro, Dennis L. Broyles
AACC in Atlanta, USA, July 26-30, 2015
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Assessment of the Beckman Coulter Access AMH Assay Performance and Establishment of Normal Ranges.
Kylie PEARSON, Matthew LONG, Josephine PRASAD, Sue KHOURI, Ye Ying WU and Michael BONIFACIO
Australian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB) Australia, Nov 2015
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June 2015, Atlanta, USA
AACC 2015 Scientists’ Choice Award®
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